The APRLO is WFPHA regional office for Asia Pacific. It coordinates with countries throughout the region to improve and protect publics' health.

A Week of Collaboration and Exploration: A Glimpse into WFPHA President’s Journey in China


In a week packed with meaningful engagements and collaborations, the President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), Prof Luis Eugenio De Souza, embarked on a journey to strengthen ties and exchange insights with key players in the public health arena. Here’s a brief recap of the notable events that unfolded during this enriching week.

Tuesday, November 14th: Renewal of MoU with CPMA

Kicking off the week with a significant milestone, the President of WFPHA, Prof Luis Eugenio De Souza, signed the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between WFPHA and the China Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA). This reaffirmed our commitment to collaboration and shared goals in advancing public health initiatives on a global scale.

Wednesday, November 15th: Exploring Collaborations with CDC China

A pivotal moment in the week was the visit to the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC China). The discussions and interactions during this visit aimed to foster collaboration and mutual understanding, laying the groundwork for future joint efforts in addressing public health challenges.

Wednesday Continued: Visiting the Pekin School of Population Medicine and Public Health

Professor Luis Eugenio had a valuable meeting with Feng Luzhao, the Vice Director of the Pekin School of Population Medicine and Public Health.

Friday, November 17th: Building Connections with Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association

Continuing the momentum, Prof Luis Eugenio De Souza met with the President of the Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association, who also serves as the Dean of the Shanghai Medical College at Fudan University. This meeting provided a platform to discuss shared objectives, potential collaborations, and innovative approaches in the field of preventive medicine.

Saturday, November 18th: Sharing Insights at the 3rd Belt and Road Training Course

The week reached another high point with the participation in the opening ceremony of the 3rd Belt and Road Training Course. Prof Luis Eugenio De Souza not only shared valuable insights on Tropical Diseases in Brazil but also seized the opportunity to connect with a diverse audience passionate about global health issues.

“Belt and Road” Training Course on Prevention and Control Technology of Tropical Diseases in Lancang Mekong Region took place on 18-22 November 2023 in Shanghai, China.

Saturday Continued: Exploring the Shanghai School of Global Health

Wrapping up the week, Prof Luis Eugenio De Souza, had the privilege of meeting Dr. Xiaonong Zhou, who introduced them to the Shanghai School of Global Health. This introduction opened doors to potential collaborations and knowledge exchange in the realm of global health research and education.

This week in China was not just a series of meetings; it was a journey of building bridges, fostering partnerships, and contributing to the global discourse on public health. As WFPHA continues its mission, these collaborations serve as stepping stones towards a healthier and more interconnected world.

Source:WFPHA: https://www.wfpha.org/a-week-of-collaboration-and-exploration-a-glimpse-into-wfpha-presidents-journey-in-china/